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Newly Designed 2017 NoWakie  made from HDPE Plastic pontoons and handrail.

Welcome to NoWakie Pontoon Boats!


NoWakie was invented by my father and his need for an affordable electric pontoon boat.  


Who knew at the time that a plastic pontoon boat would have such an interest with people.

Although NoWakie is certified up to a 15hp please know that this boat is designed for quiet pleasure cruising.  A 55lb thrust 12 volt trolling motor is a great investment.  An 80lb thrust trolling motor with 24 volts (as shown in many of our photos below) is is perfect for many additional hours of use and well worth the extra cost.


Our 780 lb plastic triple pontoon boat is ideal for lakes, ponds and canal homes communities. Salt Water is not an issue with NoWakie.


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Below video is a 2015 NoWakie w an 80lb thrust 24volt Minn Kota trolling motor.

New design changes to NoWakie 2015-16

Changes arrived with our 2015-2016 NoWakie model. 


Pic above shows our new aluminum motor mount (as shown above).


We have switched the material used to make our pontoons to match what we use in our handrails. 


With High Density Poly Ethylene(HDPE), our pontoons are better suited for the outside.  With this material we will no longer have to add a UV stabilizer to our pontoon plastic because it is already added at time of manufacturing.  
At NoWakie we recommend always covering your boat when it is not in use.  Although HDPE has a UV stabilizer, all plastic will eventually fade and break down over time.    COVER YOUR BOAT!!


We have also changed the front  nose design along with a stronger aluminum motor mount .  These two major design changes will allow use of any length of gas motor shaft.  No more long shaft only!!  The nose cone design change will reduce plowing and let NoWakie cut through the water much better than our previous design.


These changes have made the newly designed NoWakie even faster in the water with a trolling motor or gas.

NoWakie is making a splash in South Carolina!

Build your own boat with NoWakie Pontoons!

At NoWakie you can even purchase the pontoons from us and design your own boat!  Aaron just finished his pontoon boat.  He used our standard length NoWakie pontoons along with his decking/handrail ideas.  His craft is 15'4"L  X 8" W as opposed to NoWakie at 15'4"L  X 6"W.