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Deck Specs


Beginning in 2022 with boat build #51 NoWakie will no longer be using marine grade plywood.  The new material called Acre does not rot, warp, mold or splinter like wood.  It is made from rice hulls by a company out of Tennessee and is a tree free product.  Since it doesnt rot like wood it is more costly to purchase than plywood.


We rivot the deck to the aluminum framing desribed below


We wrap our vinyl flooring over the top and side of the deck.  We then use silicone to seal the rub rail and handrail to prevent water from seeping into the wood through the topside of the deck where holes have been drilled for handrail and rubrail securing.  The bottom side of the decking is left open and unsealed as per manufacturers instructions. 


Handrails and Gates


Our handrails/gates are constructed of 3/4" X 2" HDPE pickets and gates that are routered to shape.  They are held together with 1 5/8" stainless steel screws to provide an incredibly durable and weather resistant rail that looks great and cleans easy as well.




Our pontoons are hand rolled from flat sheets of 3/16" High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). We cap each end of the 4 foot tubes and weld eah tube together.  This creates 17 individual, welded sealed chambers throughout the 3 pontoons.  The nose of the pontoons are built with 1/4" HDPE and have an additional 1/4" thick HDPE cap on top of that for strength.  Our pontoons are approximately 15 1/2" in diameter.


Aluminum Framing-


We use 3/16" angled aluminum for our support framing that we attach to 1" HDPE saddles.  These saddles are what attach the pontoons to the aluminum.



Load Capacity

· 6 people

· Maximum weight capacity of 1088.5 lbs (including motor and gear)

· New NoWakie certification is for Electric Trolling motors only

· Weight 780 lbs (base model boat/handrail only)

· Deck size 6 x14 ft

· Length 15’4”

· Width 6’0”

· Handrail height Front 18 1/2” Rear 21 1/2”

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